Medical Scooter for disabled

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Karma Ks-747.2 Power Scooter

    • Upgraded front and rear hydraulic shock absorber :
      • With newly added front-wheel hydraulic shock absorber that works hand in hand with the rear shock absorb system, the ride becomes much more smoother and comfortable.
      • Effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations, allowing for greater riding comfort.
    • Widened wheelbase for added stability and greater
      • 12” large front and rear wheels, coupled with widened wheelbase, significantly enhance overall ridding stability
    • 4-pole motor
      • Stable performance with superior torque, reducing wear on the motor.


  • Adjustable steering column (tiller) angle
    • Continuous (step-less) steering column angle adjustment
      Allows smaller users to pull the handle bar closer to the body for convenient control and easier operation.
  • Standard ultra-wide-angle headlights
    • LED warning lights with greater brightness and greater efficiency
      Equipped with ultra-wide-angle headlights and LED warning lights, so you can go out at night without having to worry about the lighting.With this bright lighting system, both the user and pedestrians can travel safely.
  • Multi-directional seat adjustment.
    • To best suit your needs, you can adjust the seat forward/backward, up/down, etc.
      The seat can be laterally rotated 90 degrees to make it easier to enter or exit from the scooter. Headrest can adjusted for height to suite individual needs.
  • Flip-up and height adjustable armrest.
    • Easy to enter or exit from the scooter
  • Safety bumper
    • The front safety bumper provides enhanced vehicle body protection so you can travel with peace of mind.
  • Quick-detach shopping basket
    • The shopping basket can be easily detached from the scooter so you do not have to drive the scooter into your house.


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